So people appear to think tomorrow

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How hard is it to say what prizes are available? I should think they would WANT to entice folks to the planks by suggesting who's in turning on NBA 2K MT Coins planks. This is just like when David Thompson showed up and Ruby Allen Iverson. Make a goddamn statement! It is not like they do not send out 6,812 tweets a day anyway.In a age where warframe and poe reveal that being transparent to a own player base and telling them about what they do, is optimistic adverstising for prospective gamers, 2K just closes their eyes and keep hiding stuff from us. No explanation for anything, no patch notes, no strategies for improvement. They dont tease us with content that is prospective. Having a biography on a genre hurts our playerbase. They have no reason to drive themselves.

I agree man the lack of transparency is shameful considering how much money NBA 2K takes in AFTER the sale of all year round and game. Update without a patch notes? They literally do whatever they need. Individuals gotta stop purchasing vc to really hurt them differently this shit will continue going. AI is still yesterday, I got one. Have not seen a Thompson for a while, but the last one Thompson popped up.

Would be awesome if they added a random gamers TTO mode, in which you get 3 random gamers for 1 game that are equally matched against the 3 players of your opponent. So you like start NBA 2K and get Fredette, Redd and Bam, while your competitor gets Nash, Wiggins and Big Z. Proceed through the full board and get a chance at one of those 30 obtained cards at the 5 ball drop. This would be very interesting. TTO boards should also be upgraded...we can not have 100 buckets and 1 token left. GotId replace them with 300 and 3 tokens MT.

Before this type of TTO they had pack and playoffs that was the fucking worse but earlier they had a three to three blacktop mode where you locked in 10 players (1 different player is employed for all ten matches ) and then you and your opponents obtained two random players (from current series to the most recent voucher ). This was my fav game mode in almost any 2K. It ensured you actually had to think to win particularly if you had an RNG matchup. In the event that you lost with a bad matchup, it took the poisonous and need to become mad out of this picture. I'd like to add that, while dreadful, P and P would be fun as it manner rather than as a replacement for your three on three match style.

So people appear to think tomorrow, because the playoffs could have started playoff sim will be tomorrow. Guess were all see. I have to have Harden by Sunday or Monday by performing 1 series a night after work.I think there are two different sets to Buy MT 2K20 of people, individuals who believe it is going to be playoff spotlight sim, but it does not make the most sense because the playoffs would have begun on the 18th which is Saturday and that would cut on the group pool down to 16 rather than 30. Then there's the other group who think it is likely to be a historical spotlight sim, which I think is what is going to happen because everyone thinks the Harden is going to be required to get a GO Kobe and Kobe is a historical player not an energetic one so it just feels like a historical spotlight makes sense.

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